During the broadcast by the Baker's Dozen, the discussion was divided into four categories:
1- Theory and Practices Using Technology
2- Expected and Assured Outcomes with Technology Use
3- Changes in Knowledge Acquisition as it Pertains to the Technological Interface
4- The Integration of Technology into the Teaching and Learning Processes.
I, Dick Kuettner your host, posed one or more question in each category and designated a member or members of the Baker's Dozen Discussion Group to respond to the question asked. Questions which were used for the broadcast were solicited from the potential viewing audience.

To listen to the broadcast portions of responses to questions according to category, click on the appropriate link below. Responses are two to four minutes each. You will need Windows Media Player for listening. Click the icon to download if required.

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If you wish to view the entire discussion instead of listening, DVD copies are available for purchase. See below.

Theory and Practices Using Technology

- What truly constitutes effective implementation of technology in the classroom?
Dr. Nina Garrett, Yale University
Dr. Robert Blake, University of California at Davis

- What ways do you suggest for teachers and administrators to learn about technology?
Dr. Jerry Larson, Brigham Young University


Expected and Assured Outcomes with Technology Use

- Assured Outcomes was mentioned in the announcement for the satellite teleconference. Are there any assured outcomes?
Dr. Lise Desmarais, Canadian Foreign Service Institute
- How can we truly assess technology use? Would the assessment be really valid?
Dr. Robert Fischer, Southwest Texas State University


Changes in Knowledge Acquisition as it Pertains to the Technological Interface

- Just how has learning changed for the student who is being required to use technology?
Dr. Clara Yu, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Dr. Miriam Carlisle, Washington and Lee University


The Integration of Technology into the Teaching and Learning Processes

- How can I justify the time it takes me to develop computer-enhanced course materials?
Dr. Clare Tufts, Duke University
Dr. Bryan Alexander, Middlebury College, CET


A Concluding Question for General Discussion

- Given the current trend to use various computer technologies in the classroom, do you envision the time when professors who do not use technology will be perceived by administrators (or students) as less efficient, less capable, or less effective as instructors?

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