What good is a pencil if you don't know how to write? And what good is technology in the classroom if you don't know how to use it for the benefit of teaching and learning? Ingenious Methodologies are only as innovative as those who create them. If your knowledge of certain machines or software is limited, then you from the onset will be limited in expressing your creativity. If you are wise to the use of the tools, then the tools will themselves become an active part of your teaching strategies or the strategy itself.

Has technology helped you in your teaching? Are students thrilled with the way you teach? Do you find one approach more effective than another when you change the technology you have before you?

Our keys to moving mountains with technology are sharing and focus. As we educators learn, others need to be made aware of what we have learned. As we teach, we must remember to keep the focus on the subject itself - on the learning - all the while keeping the technology transparent, whether we think the technology to be the tool or the method.

Share with us all your helpful hints in teaching and learning strategies using technology. What works for you? Why would it work for others? Complete the simple form below and be heard. We've all be waiting to learn how you have made technology work for advancing your curriculum!

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